17 comments on “Sara.

  1. Your street photography is wonderful – after all these years I still get the impression that Europeans have more style and more interesting faces than North Americans…and you’ve definitely captured that – Thanks for visiting.

    • Spookily, I did consider ‘Que Sara Sara’ as its title. It was between ‘Nothing Compares to You’, and ‘One’. Just seems to fit and I enjoy them both at once.

      • I was, very literally, listening to U2 – One, just before this moment. And had been playing various covers of the song [on repeat] all week.

      • I had also posted these lyrics and link on my social network profile a few days before:

        ” Have you come here for forgiveness?
        Have you come to raise the dead?
        Have you come here to play Jesus?
        To the lepers in your head. ”

        You evidently read people well. Kudos.

  2. absolutely in love with the first photo. i feel like you captured such an intense emotion from her, yet you can barely see her face. i love it! can’t wait to see what other christmas shopper photos you are able to capture this season!


    • By my own admission, yep, that first one is a bit special. I wasn’t prepared for just how well I captured her. I love her expression and dramatic hair, It’ll be hard to beat. I appreciate your comment, Alice, thank you.

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