And So To Street

And So To Street.

And So To Street

And So To Street 2
St Andrews, 2013

Sunday, windstill and mild. Low cloud hung above the rooftops in this seaside town producing a soft light. By late afternoon day-trippers began making their excuses to leave. Their exit left only the locals outside bars and cafes to debate what was, and screeching seagulls swooped down to the empty spaces.


7 comments on “And So To Street.

  1. A wonderful example of beauty that shines by nature, and not a lack of textiles. Amazing young woman; expressing grace, elegance and dignity in most disarming nonchalance. Superb eyes for motives you have, dear Kenny.

    • I’m glad you see it too. Metaphorically speaking I lay myself at people’s feet to ask them. Had this one not gone well, it would have felt like a crushing loss. You’re very welcome here, as is your lovely comment. Thank you.

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