Nice Dream.

Photo: Source

The Greatest Fashion Photographer That Ever Lived.

From my Parisian apartment, I walked with a swagger along the bustling market street below. First on my right, old Monsieur Dufayel stood making crêpes. With his bones brittle as glass, he still managed to raise a hand in a greeting. I touched my brow in a respectful gesture towards him.

To the left, the café where Amélie was busy waiting on tables. She shouted something over to me, forgetting about her customers momentarily. “Usual table tonight, Kenny?” Her words sounded weaker by the time they reached my ears. “Yes! Perfect, see you around seven,” I replied – ensuring my words carried the distance. My French was no longer a problem. I spoke like I had been speaking French all my life.

To the right, Lucien with his perpetual smile. Wearing a grey dust coat, the greengrocer’s long-suffering helper raised a large, red apple to his eye as if it were a camera. He motioned to take my photo with his apple-camera, and I smiled back at him to play along.

Lucien tossed the apple to me landing it directly in to my shoulder bag. “Great shot, Lucien!”, I said approvingly. “Nice catch, Kenny,” came his reply.

At the corner café I sat next to a couple of black coats and sunglasses. The spring sunshine was strong and warm. Georgette – freely eccentric, did not look happy.

“Good morning, Georgette. How are you?” I asked. “I’m having a S**T day,” she said. “Nothing but tourists all-day-long. I hate my job. Are you shooting another fashion show, Kenny? You are so lucky, you know?”

“Ah, that’s a pity,” I said sympathetically. “Yes, I’m shooting a show at ‘The Tuileries’ later.”

Before leaving I scribbled her a note: “Without you, today’s emotions would be the scurf of yesterday’s.

In the tunnels of the Metro, sweet accordion music echoed through the air. As I walked past a photo booth, I noticed a strip of photos in the dispenser had gone uncollected.

I jumped onto the train as the doors were closing and the alarm was sounding, and sounding, never ending. Everything started to shimmer and with my arm outstretched, I managed to put a stop to the noise. Nice dream!



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