paris sky

Remembering Paris.

paris sky
Remembering the jet trails over Paris.

On a clear day above Paris, a unique sort of art is forming. Chalk-like trails are crossing the sky, slowly spreading and thinning into a milky veil across the sun. It is as though the entire street network below has vapourized and ascended to the heavens. Ahead of each trail sits a jet pilot, carefully navigating a route with a kind of rough guide to the city.

Head along the Quai d’Orsay to the Eiffel Tower. Next, turn down the lawns of the Champs de Mars until you see the large tricolore on the roof of the École Militaire. From here continue in a straight line to the tall shadow of the Tour Montparnasse. After crossing the Boulevard Périphérique you are leaving Paris. Thank you for flying safely. Bon voyage and happy returns.”

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