Through My Eyes | London Fashion Week


Presenting my opening photograph from London Fashion Week, together with my thoughts on the event. When I first heard of the BFCs decision to move the location from the former royal palace of Somerset House to a NCP car park in central London, I had some concerns. My main concerns were – the number of additional people that were likely to clog the streets on top of the already high numbers of tourists, having nowhere to move, congestion everywhere, coffee queues*.  (*indicates a very grave concern).

From a creative perspective however, I knew from experience the benefits of shooting style and portrait photographs on the streets of any city. You end up with gritty snaps, the kind of hard edged photographs you can only get from the streets. Had I been shooting at Somerset House on the other hand, I think my shots would all have the look of a royal garden party.

On a lighter note, wearing a camera and pacing the streets of Soho made me very accessible to questions from curious people walking-by. Some of the questions I had no trouble answering are written below;

Q1. What’s going on here?
A1. It’s London Fashion Week. (giant banners with ‘London Fashion Week’ adorned the buildings directly opposite.)

Q2. Can you tell me where Brewer Street is?
A2. Yes of course, you’re in it! (a street name board with ‘Brewer Street’ was sited directly above our heads.)

Q3. A drunk guy (pint glass half full) asked…‘Have ye run out of flash mate?
A3. Hmm, no. (but he still lowered his trousers and ‘flashed’ his rear at me. Rude!! One of the perks of moving away from Somerset House I suppose).


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